I am blessed to be back doing what I love and even more overwhelmed and grateful for the support you have all shown for my podcast- The Sports Lab.

I always get a buzz before interviewing sports people at an elite level, because I think having been a sportsman, I appreciate the hard work, sacrifice and dedication it takes as an athlete or a coach to deliver day in day out, however it means all the more when the interview is a life long friend.

Matthew Brown is one of Australia’s few super coaches. As a former Australian team representative himself, he has coached at three Olympics as well as world championships and commonwealth games, with his swimmers having won 3 Olympic Gold, 4 World Gold and 5 commonwealth Gold medals.

Over recent years he has diversified his coaching talents both on home soil and abroad and hasn’t gone without criticism over his sharing of both his knowledge with the Chinese and the controversy surrounding their history with drugs in sport. Today , I caught up with Matt Brown to get all the inside story.

We had a great conversation for the podcast about how his career has diversified over the years and his perspective on the state of Australian Swimming as a whole.


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  • Introduction to super coach Matthew Brown (0.30)
  • Was is strange being in Rio 2016, coaching for the Chinese and not Australia (0.35)
  • Coaching Australia vs coaching China (0.58)
  • Talking about career highs and lows (3.30)
  • The end of an era at Nudgee College (3.48)
  • How did the fallout from the end of that relationship effect the lead up to Rio 2016 (6.10)
  • The ultimatum from Australian Swimming (8.28)
  • The toughest day was telling the kids (9.07)
  • Condition of Emily Seebohm leading in to RIO (12.22)
  • How hard is it to coach top talent (13.48)
  • The media frenzy surrounding the swimmers before the games (15.50)
  • Expectations of Australian Swimming (15.40)
  • Addressing the criticism of Australian coaches, considered to be defecting to coach competing nations. (20.38)
  • The reputation and accusations of the Chinese swimmer and the integrity of the program (20.45)
  • Ning Zetao – How good is he? (25.05)
  • Alexander Popov – lungs of steel (25.40)
  • A state of mind vs.vices (26.25)
  • The greatness of Michael Phelps and second chances (27.15)
  • The appreciation or lack of towards clubs in Australian swimming (33.03)
  • Red tape of coaching and the distraction (42.15)
  • Where does the buck stop (43.45)
  • Asking for help – it is what it is…… (44.44)
  • Dealing with the emotions of walking away (45.30)
  • Lets talk epic proportions – Kyle Chalmers (46.51)
  • Where has the mongrel gone (50.00)
  • The emergence of Katie Ledecky (50.15)
  • The heart and soul of Team USA (55.00)
  • Where and what is the future of Australian Swimming (57.20)
  • Why is Australian swimming top heavy (58.28)
  • Open water swimming has gone crazy (1.02.00)
  • What does the future hold for you (1.03.15)

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