Although The Sports Lab podcast will generally be interviews over a wide range of sports with athletes, coaches and celebrities and the like, I have received dozens of messages from triathletes all over the world in recent months asking for help or coaching advice on their swim. Given my swimming and coaching history I have decided to use this podcast opportunity to deliver my strategies, coaching tips and numerous swimming programs all at once, for the benefit of anyone & everyone that wants help with the most dreaded leg of Triathlon.

They can be used by both the beginner triathlete who may be just starting out, through to the seasoned Ironman searching for those elusive extra seconds.

I hope you find this podcast & these sessions useful and if you have any specific program or race questions, please head over to my facebook page to share them there.


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  • Introduction to why a targeted swim program is so important in Triathlon (0.13)
  • Technique is everything (1.02)
  • Important of a specific Swim coach and do you need one? (1.10)
  • Coaching vs Program writing (3.00)
  • What is ACTUALLY required to improve your swim on race day (3.20)
  • What are to pros doing? (4.15)
  • How much time are you both willing and able to commit to improving your swim (5.25)
  • What should your swim program look like (9.07))
  • Setting goals and execute (12.44)
  • What coaching aids do you need (17.50)
  • The big wetsuit question (118.55)
  • Here we go – get a pen and paper
  • Here are the programs for you (20.00)
  • Swim down, cool down (41.55)

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2 thoughts on “EP 002 – SWIMMING FOR TRIATHLON

  1. Richo says:

    Great listen, much appreciated

    1. TSL says:

      You are so very welcome I hope it helps.

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